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7 unique benefits that are running a blog can provide to any business

BOWWE creator being used to make a proffesional website for companies and businesses

143,000,000 $. This is how much Huffington Post - the world's most profitable news blog - earned in 2020. This number may seem cosmic. However, it perfectly shows how powerful an internet blog is to generate profits.


More and more companies operating so far stationery are becoming more active online. Are you looking for profit on the web too? A blog is one of the best-proven ways to earn money effectively online. Do you think running a blog is very expensive, and only large companies can afford it? Quite the opposite. Modern technology allows you to start a blog in record time. What's more, small and medium-sized companies and freelancers gain the most from running a blog. Running a corporate blog can bring tons of benefits. Below we present the most important of them.


The biggest benefits of running a corporate blog


Increase in search engine traffic


How can new users find your website on the Internet? There are several possibilities:


  1. Direct search - The user enters your company’s name and goes directly to your website. This is a precious move. It shows how many people - instead of looking for opportunities online - are heading straight to you. However, remember that only those who already know your company does this. And you care about new people that you can gain as new clients. 
  2. Paid promotion - you can download traffic to your website through paid advertising campaigns, e.g., Google Ads. Of course, their effectiveness will depend on your campaign optimization skills (you can learn it) and your budget. It cannot be too small because the campaign will also reach a few recipients. Moreover, the campaign will stop working if it reaches the budget.
  3. Get Free Search Traffic - Sounds Beautiful, But Am I Achieving It? Via the company blog! Each time you publish another entry on your blog, the number of indexed (i.e., registered and positioned) subpages of your website in the search engine will increase.


An average company website usually has several subpages:


  • Main page
  • About us
  • Our offer
  • Contact
  • Gallery

Think about the great advantage of a website with a subpage Blog in addition to the subpages mentioned above and its 20 high-quality items! By publishing two articles a week, you will achieve this result after 2.5 months.


man checking graphs after fiscal month to check proffits


The high positioning of your website


A company blog is an excellent support for your website in achieving the highest positions in Google. Regularity in the publication of new posts is valued and rewarded by search engines. Each new content on your website (i.e., blog articles) is a message for the search engine that your website is developing and is useful. Simple.


Each new article has a lot of content, filled with keywords. Thus, blogging increases the number of keywords after which your website will be displayed after entering the search engine. And the more keywords, the higher your site's rank. Thus, a company blog significantly increases the chance that your website will display to new users that you will be able to reach with your offer.


Remember! Blogging is a fantastic support in the process of positioning your website!


Being open to content marketing and effective promotion in social media


The mere running and development of a blog can bring you meaningful and profitable benefits. But the additional promotion of your content can take your blog - along with profits - to a previously unattainable level!


Thus, it is worth using social media because they are perfect for content marketing. Recipients readily accept how-to articles, infographics, rankings, videos … all content that can educate users and provide interesting information for them in social media.


Social media also provides opportunities for sharing and commenting, so you increase the chance that your content will reach a wider audience.


You can take advantage of paid promotion to provide your content with a broad reach. However, we advise you to start setting up a group that brings together people interested in using your services or products. By publishing your content there, you will ensure a regular traffic flow to your blog. 


Building an engaged customer community


Your blog is dedicated to your audience. The content that appears on it should provide exciting knowledge or refer to their problems and suggest the right solution.


If you follow this, you will quickly establish a positive relationship with your audience - you will be valued as a person (or company) who creates exciting content and gives it free, and more importantly - useful - knowledge!


It's worth taking advantage of this and starting to build a loyal community of engaged customers around your blog (and thus - around yourself or your company). There are several ways to do this


  1. Facebook groups - we already mentioned that. The easiest method and should be the first step in building a community. For this, get to know yourself better. Create a closed group on Facebook that will be a place to establish and deepen your contact. Invite your loyal customers to join you. You can encourage them to do so by saying that group members will be the first to access new content or products appearing on the website or be the first to receive discount codes. There are many options.
  2. Comments on your blog - another step you should take initially. Thanks to this, you will allow your audience to express their opinion (and people like it very much) about your texts. Even if they don't like something - treat their opinion as feedback that will help you create even better content. Comments can also become a place for engaging discussions to better know your customers. They can also always give you ideas for new articles!
  3. Newsletter - People like to stay up to date and follow creators who publish valuable content. Therefore, as soon as possible, you should consider providing your recipients with the possibility of subscribing to your blog by subscribing to newsletter. You can encourage them to do so by saying that, for example, as newsletter subscribers, they will receive access to the unique content reserved only for them.


By creating a newsletter, you will also gain a mailing list with only keenly interested people in your content. It is among them that it will be most comfortable to sell your offer.


man working on a laptop and creating website using BOWWE site builder


Building trust, authenticity and, the image of an expert


Another perk of running a corporate blog is that you will automatically be put in an expert’s role. Your recipients will perceive you as authentic (which is very important nowadays) and, you will gain their trust. How exactly does it work? Take a look:


  1. Authenticity - You are authentic not only by showing that you have nothing to hide from your readers. You share exciting knowledge free of charge, describe your views and experiences, willingly discuss with your readers, and encourage their involvement. You build a positive relationship. You create a community (see the previous paragraph). It is easier and better to sell in such a society.
  2. Build and Inspire Trust - Want to Make Money Online? You cannot achieve this without trust. To become your customers, visitors to your website need to be sure that you are a reliable company (or freelancer). Otherwise, they will never buy from you. The better they know you and your activities (and they can learn about them, for example, through a company blog), the more they trust you. They will be more likely to buy the services or products you suggest.Of course, relationships with customers - just like relationships with every human being - need to be cared for. Trust takes a long time, but remember that you can lose it quickly.
  3. Image of an expert - By applying yourself to running a blog, you automatically become an expert in the described field. Of course, when you are just starting out, you will be continually learning new things in your area. However, when you start a blog, you send a clear signal to your recipients - I know what I am writing about, and I am not afraid of my views. To reinforce this message, make sure your content is substantive and of high quality. Your audience will perceive you as an expert on the subject. Success is in your pocket when your content addresses specific audience concerns.


Monetizing Your Blog


The more audiences you have, the more valuable your blog becomes for other companies to promote their products or services.


The more audience you have, the more you can earn from your blog. The main ways to earn money are mainly:


Sponsored articles

Such cooperation is based on publishing expert articles on your blog following the guidelines agreed in negotiations with the company. You can propose your blog to a company yourself, but in this case, companies come to bloggers more often. They can also come to you.


Banner advertising

When your blog reaches a certain level of popularity, you will be able to register with several programs that provide banner ads (e.g., Google AdSense, Salesmedia, Ceneo). Then place banners on your blog advertising products related to your blog theme.


Affiliate programs and affiliation

Affiliation is based on placing links to specific services or products in the published texts. If a visitor to your website clicks on a given link and buys a given product/service, you will receive a commission. Since the visitor has purchased a blog ad, some profits will go to you. This is another reason why it is worth building an engaged community around your blog - among such people, the probability of purchasing the product/service you recommend increases.


Cooperation with brands or agencies.

Brands frequently conduct promotional campaigns. They know that if they want to convince consumers of their products, they should first convince online creators that these consumers read and trust.


When your blog has an extensive reach, you will establish direct cooperation with a brand. In this case, there is great freedom in the type of collaboration - it depends only on the contract between a given brand and the creator (blog owner). 


Easier sales of your products


You can read about this method in the next paragraph :)


Easier sales



analyzing results in company from graphs and taking notes


By running a corporate blog, you can easily convert visitors to your website into new customers. The blog is the perfect space to dispel any buyer's doubts. Offer and sell your product on your website. For example, you can describe its features and specifications in detail, compare it with competitors' products, and tell about everything that may be of interest to your potential customer before buying.


An efficient blog is also a more generous guarantee of profits from the products or services you have just released. Regular readers of your blog will be keenly interested in the news that you release on the market. They are more willing to spend money to test them - and then share their comments, e.g., in comments or by writing e-mails to you.


Do you run a blog yourself or commission it?


It depends on your resources and the goal you set for the blog.


If you simply don't have time and want new texts to appear on your website regularly, outsource your blog to a reliable company.


If the blog is to be a tool for your company to improve positioning and do not know SEO - outsource the blog to a reliable company.


If you care about a personal, close relationship with your recipients and building a community - it is worth considering setting up a blog yourself.


Regardless of your situation, it is worth considering starting a blog on the BOWWE platform. It is a universal solution - BOWWE allows you to set up and run a blog yourself without any knowledge of programming, positioning, page building, etc.


If you do not have time to run it, you can leave it to us, and we will create a blog perfectly suited to your industry, your company’s goals, and your audience.


Are blogs the most valuable, especially for small and medium-sized businesses?


Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs do not consider blog as a tool to earn more money. They often equate it only with the informational and image function. As you already know, that's not true.


Therefore, there is very little competition in small and medium-sized enterprises regarding corporate blogs. Very few small companies decide to take this step - which is paradoxical because a blog is a tool that requires much less expensive than, for example, a Google Ads campaign.


And its positive effects are visible for a much longer time.


For these reasons - if you run a small or medium-sized business - you should think very hard about starting a corporate blog.




Running a corporate blog is a great way to grow your online business and increase your profits. Creating unique and meaningful content for your blog can be a challenge first, but the benefits are well worth the time!


If you don't have time to start and run a blog, please contact us. We will help you set up a professional blog that will guarantee a constant traffic flow on your website!